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Please before to buy anything, read carefully the policies.

I make doll clothes, i love it but i have a life too with a baby and i need time for him, so please be patience with the orders.

As a dealer of some companies, i offer their products with the best price, but i can't control the time of manufacturing. If the company it's delayed with the production or shipping, please be patience and understanding, because it's something that i am not responsible.

So if you don't want to wait, then do not purchase.

If you decide to wait and be patience, then you are more than welcome to have anything from my shop. The time will worth it for sure ^___^

Thank you.

Shipping details

The shippings offered in my shop are always registered with tracking number.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

Please pay attention at the beginning of my policies. Because i won't accept any refund request for any delay on the orders or for any damage or lose during the shipping time to your home if the item is a doll, shoes or skates. If you don’t want to take that risk, please write me an email to add a full insurance for your package because the regular registered shipping is only insured for around 40-42€.

If an outfit is damaged or lost, I will remake and resend it to you a new one.

Anyway, if something happen, please contact me to try a find a good solution for both, to put a claim to the post for example (if a package is lost they always refund us around 40-42€ with the regular registered shipping, not matter the value is). The most important to me it's the wellness of my clients ^___^

Thank you.

Felicity Dolls Shop

Welcome to Felicity Dolls Shop. I am a seamstress of dolls. I like make clothes for Blythe dolls, Licca, Pullip, Pure Neemo, Azone, Kiki Pop, Jerryberry, Obitsu body, Lati Yellow, Minimuichan, etc.

I am a dealer from some shoes companies like Idollzoo, TODA, SK Dollhouse, and for that i will offer their products in my shop too.
Please before to make a purchase, read the policies. Thank you.